I.S.I. Ingegneria e Ambiente (Engineering and Environment) is a firm of engineering created in 2010 by a group of professionals after many years of experience of working with design studios, private companiee and public authorities.Over time the initial nucleus has changed, expanded and enriched with employees, engineers and architects expert in the fields of structural, hydraulic, environmental engineering, as well as natural sciences and urban planning, coming up to the current organization.Today our team consists of two founding partners who coordinate and guide a group of employees and consultants, who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the environment and the protection of the territory. The professional experience "in the past" and "with" ISI has confirmed the belief that the technical approach of engineering tools can be adapted to the requirements of sustainability and environmental integration, without diminishing the functional content and management of the works.

I.S.I. ingegneria e ambiente works in the fields of hydraulics, Structural, Infrastructural engineering, Urban Planning and landscape and water management. It performs services such as

  • Design of Hydraulic works
  • Design of infrastructure
  • Road design
  • Structural Analysis
  • hydrological and hydraulic analisies,
  • Analisies of hydraulic and hydrogeological risk
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Urban planning and landscape management
  • Water management.

The hydraulics and infrastructure filed of our business has given us the opportunity to experience more immediately that the value and effectiveness of design solutions do not arise from an approach of "intervention" on the context but rather of "relationship".
This awareness has led us to evolve our consulting organization in the direction of a "network" able to frame the specific aspects of each design theme and offer a broad set of services.
We make use of collaborations with different skills in the fields of civil engineering, topography, geology, geotechnical engineering, biology, forest and agricultural sciences, urban and landscape architecture , restoration, heating technology, industrial plant engineering, as well as legal advice in the environmental field, to improve understanding of the project environment and offer a targeted, balanced and sustainable response.


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